Dental Care Begins With You

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Yes, it does. Or have you forgotten. Long before your very first dental care los angeles consultation, your momma may have already told you. And if for some unusual reason she did not, your teacher, back in the day when you first started junior school, would have told you. To brush your teeth regularly every day. Once in the morning and once at night, ideally after you have eaten. Not only that, you would have been taught how to floss and gargle. Or have you forgotten. In most cases, not. Maybe it is down to the frailties of human nature, preoccupied as you all are with your everyday lives, that folks have a tendency to become tardy.

They do not forget to brush their teeth. They deliberately skip doing so, foolishly thinking that they’ve spared themselves a few extra minutes in their day and, feeling quite alright, no pain, no loose teeth, they delude themselves in believing that no harm is done when skipping just this once. But ‘just this once’ becomes many times, and it is usually quite difficult to break bad habits. And sadly, many people only realize the harm they’ve done once they start experiencing real problems with tooth decay and badly damaged or infected teeth.

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And many people have lost their precious teeth as a result. Just ask anyone who has been through the trauma of having to have all their teeth taken out and replaced with dentures or implants. It is not so cozy. As you read this now, perhaps it is not too late. And while regular brushing, flossing and gargling is a must, going to the dentist for a regular inspection is also important. Act responsibly. It is in the best interests of your health to do so.